The Circle of Skills

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The circle of skills represents those five areas of our lives that the skills developed by the NewStart model can be applied to. They are: Self, Family, Community, Employment and Leisure. Well developed skills in those areas can help us:

- become better communicators

- build healthier relationships

- become better decision makers and problem solvers

- develop more satisfying careers

- contribute to our communities

- build confidence and a healthy self esteem

Well developed life skills are not a magic solution to problems we may encounter in out lives. They do however give us more choices when trying to manage or improve those difficult "situations" that always seem to pop up. Applying new skills can be a rewarding adventure.

Other Life Skills Coaches say...

"The circle is a profound and powerful way to help promote equality, inclusiveness, and shared leadership by removing barriers and facilitating and fostering open and real, honest communication, with a positive purpose, in an
atmosphere of mutual respect and safety."
                                                                                     ....Susan Barak

"To me, the "life skills circle" represents a journey that we choose to
embark upon as we explore ourselves and our relationships with others in
hopes of finding a sound "Quality of Life" in both our Personal and
Professional Development. Our understanding and desires to use the elements
in our daily lives affords us the opportunities to achieve a peace and
fullfillness in Body, Mind and Spirit."
                                                                                  ...Doug Dennison

"Personally I think the circle is a profound representation of a philosophy that respects equality, inclusiveness, and a willingness to share it's just easier to see everybody !"                                                                                     ...Steve Burgess

"Visual images have great power to represent meaning. I think the circle is a
tremendously useful and strong image.  I have used circles in a venn diagram
in my own logo.  To me, a circle represents many things, some already
expressed:  wholeness, completeness, independence, integration, cycles of
life, belonging, inclusion, collaboration, equity, balance. And, from a
somewhat different perspective, I think that it can also be used to
interpret boundaries, shared/agreed upon frames for work or of
vision/understanding, rigour...and flexibility. Thanks for the opportunity to reflect on this!
                                                                                 ... John J. O'Brien

"The circle is a rich metaphor and for me it also denotes the idea of structure and a boundary on the edge and inside lots of room to manouvre to be flexible, spontaneous, an individual.  I love to be implusive, creative, intuitive, and spontaneous and structure is what allows me to do that most effectively."
                                                                                   ... Kim Bater

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