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Accreditation in Canada

Back in the glory days, various provincial coaching associations developed accreditation processes.  See below for some of their work.

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Saskatchewan Life Skills Association (SLSA)

SLSA quietly carries on and has an accreditation process in place.

Alberta Society of Life Skills Coaches (ASLSC)

Association of Life Skills Coaches of Ontario (ALSCO):
ALSCO began accrediting coaches in 1988. At its dissolution in 2003 it had 66 Accredited Coaches and 84 Interns in process. It was ALSCO that pioneered accreditation of coaches, and it was ALSCO’s process that ASLSC, LSAM, SLSA and MALSC adapted and/or adopted for their accreditation purposes and that LSCABC tested in a Pilot Project. ALSCO defined competencies (as described in NewStart materials), eligibility (not limited to NewStart training) and procedures. Thus NewStart content was preserved without having to define and verify NewStart training.

 ALSCO Guidelines For Mentors

Life Skills Coaches Association of BC (LSCABC)

Maritime Association of Life Skills Coaches (MALSC):
MALSC used ALSCO’s 67 competencies. MALSC accredited ten coaches prior to dissolution.