Mary Jean Martin and Rita Paulhus created this list of staff at Saskatchewan NewStart in Prince Albert, with additions to the list contributed by Ralph Himsl, Jack Mitchell, Phil Warren and Stu Conger.  As you read the list, and if you were at Saskatchewan NewStart, please add other names you remember and send them to info@calsca.com.


Commenting on the synergy that these people created, Mary Jean has written:


I would be hard pressed to give titles as I probably did not know them in the first place.  We each did our part, blending our various skills to create something new and workable.  Consider, for example, how the army guys organized us with 24 hour clocks so that we almost came to understand them. Remember how many drafts of lesson plans were typed by our skilful stenographic staff long before word processors were invented.  Recall how the audio-visual staff had to teach the developers what was possible from their world that we could not even imagine, and how their knowledge expanded our abilities to think up ideas. Recollect how the coaches who were hired from the target populations brought experience and first-hand insight to add criteria to our deliberations.  


How amazing the NewStart schema was.  Stu Conger had such a big part in dreaming up the original plans.  Each of the staff that passed through the organization brought fresh ideas contributing in ways that are immeasurable.   


By the way, credit for the original list of staff goes to Rita Paulhus (the Coordinator-Manager of the Life Skills Stenographic Staff) as well as to me and then to Ralph and others with whom we have shared the list.  (And of course to Phil and Jack who added names at your Symposium.)  Rita and I started this list many years ago.  When we had occasion to look at it last summer even we had to stretch our memories about some of the names.  It was interesting for us when we created this list and I trust it will be for others.  


Mary Jean was one of the Life Skills developers, along with Ralph Himsl, Jack Mitchell and Phil Warren, who attended the April 2006 Life Skills symposium in Calgary.  The four of them gave wonderful, amazing, firsthand accounts of how it was to develop NewStart Life Skills.  We have it all on video-tape.  Can anyone suggest a way to get the tapes transcribed on the cheap in Alberta or BC?


NewStart Staff