The Canadian Alliance of Life Skills Coaches and Associations is committed to the belief that all individuals are entitled to learn the Life Skills necessary for personal and social development. We support and promote professional excellence in Life Skills Coaching – Personally, Regionally and Nationally.”


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Dr. Paynter offers a comprehensive description of Life Skills theory in
A NewStart Life Skills Theory Primer.  

Life Skills, precisely defined, means problem-solving behaviours appropriately and responsibly used in the management of personal affairs. As problem-solving behaviours, life skills liberate in a way, since they include a relatively small class of behaviours usable in many life situations. Appropriate use requires an individual to adapt the behaviours to time and place. Responsible use requires maturity, or accountability. And as behaviours used in the management of personal affairs, the life skills apply to five areas of life responsibility identified as self, family, leisure, community and job [emphasis in the original]  (Himsl, 1973c, p. 13).

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